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I have been there. It’s been so tough sometimes. You know what I mean: TODDLERS.

Toddlers are amazing and fun and I love to watch them and their sense of wonder. BUT they are also into everything and never seem to stop for a second! It can be exhausting. My issue was that on top of it all, I was also homeschooling. Having a toddler made it very tough. I was so worried about her going around the house unsupervised and her getting hurt.

I had to stop homeschooling so I could chase her around. It was hard to not feel guilty that I wasn’t giving my son the attention and education he needed and wanted and I also felt that I didn’t want to “trap” my toddler in one place and keep her from her natural tendency to explore the world.


And then, it dawned on me. As much as she wanted to roam around and discover new things in the world, she also wanted to be a part of what my son and I were doing (except it was waaay over her head). I decided to make fun and educational activities for her level. But with two conditions: they cannot break the bank AND they cannot take forever to put together.

I was a teacher for about a decade and I know what it’s like to pull all-nighters to set up activities for my students. Now, with being married, with 2 kids and homeschooling, I just wasn’t in the position of being able to do that anymore. The activities I created were amazing for my daughter! They helped her so much and I was amazed at how much she learned and how she was able, in time, to sit with us and “do her thing” while my son and I homeschooled.

As she grew older, I know of forgot about them.


I sent out a survey to my blog readers, asking them to open up about their biggest struggles as homeschoolers. The responses I got were amazing. I really appreciated reading every single one of them!

What I realized soon enough was that all of them fell under about 6 categories. One of them, was homeschooling parents struggling with toddlers. They were either struggling to figure out how to homeschool their toddlers (what to teach, how to teach it, where to begin, etc) or they were struggling to homeschool their older kids because they have toddlers around (and they require a lot of attention).

Immediately, I remembered how much our activities helped us, so I decided to make this course. Some of the items in the course are activities that we used back then and others are some that I have developed since that my kids have loved.

This awesome course is just for you! I just know that it will help you as much as it helped us!

Not only will it give you the confidence to homeschool your toddler, but you will also have 45 amazing printable activities at your disposal to include your toddler into your homeschool day.

That’s about 50 cents per activity! What?!

I will give you a list of materials needed, step-by-step instructions, photos, printables and even some videos!

All of these setups take 10 minutes or less!

You will love how much your toddler will learn and your toddler will love these activities that will set them on their way to independent learning!

You will get 5 lessons per week, so you aren’t overwhelmed! We’ll send you a reminder email when another week unlocks so you can go check it out!

If you want a taste of the course, try our FREE workshop! CLICK HERE

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