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Have you been wanting to incorporate Montessori at home, but don’t know where to start or how to implement what you know?

This Montessori at home printable starter bundle is exactly what you need to get your journey on the right track from the beginning.

Come and take a look at what it includes and why it can help you.

How to begin Montessori at home?

I’ve been there! I started Montessori at home 7 years ago when we first decided we wanted to homeschool. I have a Montessori license for ages 3-6 and had taught in Montessori schools in the past.

I loved the Montessori Method and knew I wanted to incorporate it into our homeschool.

Even though I had all of the knowledge and implementation on how to use the  Montessori Method, this was all based on having the child(ren) in a Montessori environment (in a school setting).

I had no idea on how to begin at home.

Montessori at Home is Different

I also wish I had a Montessori Planner to give me pointers, cheat sheets on the basics that I refer to often (like how to use 3-part cards, the 3 Period Lesson, Sensitive Periods chart, etc) and to keep our Montessori journey on track as the weeks, months and years go by.

And I also wish I had a list of ready-to-do works that I can get started with right away.

This is so important because I know that it can encourage any parent to feel successful and like they actually are working toward normalizing their child.

This term was used by Maria Montessori to denote the point to where a child has full independence in the Montessori environment to work on the material with minimal interference.

These 2 great resources are perfect for Montessori at home! Get both separately for a total of $40


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You can definitely get these 2 resources for only $19.99!

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