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Children love independence and self-sufficiency.

Doing chores at home is a wonderful way for them to help out at home, for them to practice important lifelong skills and for them to feel like big kids.

Here, we show you a beautiful bundle with 12 Printable Chore Charts Pictures and Practical Activities that you and your kids will love!

I know that having chore charts for multiple kids can be a task in itself, but this unit bundle is awesome to do together as a family as both younger and older kids learn what chores to do and how do them the right way.

Sure, they will need your guidance and even your accountability on a regular basis, especially the little ones and those kids that are not intrinsically motivated.

But don’t underestimate the importance of  these skills and it is a lot of fun watching them learn to do more and more on their own as they get older.

Here, we show you a beautiful bundle with 12 Printable Chore Charts Pictures and Practical Activities that you and your kids will love!


Printable Chore Charts Pictures and Practical Activities

As you know, not all kids are super excited about chores or any kind of work at home.

In which case, it is especially important to instill, in a fun and gentle way, a love for cooperation and teamwork.

It’s all about balance and fairness.

In our family, there are some dreaded chores (unloading the dishwasher and putting their laundry away) and some beloved chores (like piano practice and caring for our chickens).

I try to keep a balance each day between the chores they love and those that they don’t love as much.

This will teach kids that we won’t always like everything in life and we still have to do things that we would prefer to skip.

Dad and I also point out our chores that we do daily that we like and dislike.

We also point out how we don’t complain about them when we have to do them.

Guidance with Chores

Another important thing to point out about chores is that kids are going to be more confident in doing them independently and doing them right the first time if:

1 We give thorough instructions several times.

2 We let them practice the chores in front of us so we can give them guidance and feedback on how they are doing them.

3 We keep them accountable on following through and on doing the chores right.

Printable Chore Charts for Kids

Keeping track of each chore chart for multiple kids is a lot of work.

I only have 2 kids and even then, it is hard to keep track daily. So I broke up our chores into 3 parts.

One part is an introduction to chart and then I split our chores into 2 chore times daily (morning before homeschooling and in the afternoon right after we are done homeschooling).

Here is our first part, the introduction to the chores.

We do these together and go in-depth on what each chore entails.

Here, we have 12 really fun activities related to printable chore charts for kids to print, color, trace, play, match, find and more!

Printable chore cards:back and white 3-part cards

2 Kindergarten, Preschool and toddler chore chart printable cutting strips

3 Printable chore list: black and white booklet to color, trace and write

4 Chore chart pictures:color 3-part cards

5 Children’s chore chart:black and white folding booklet to color

6 Chore cards Memory Gamefor younger and older kids

7 The best chore chart:handwriting practice sheet (manuscript)

8 Printable chore charts:handwriting practice sheet (cursive)

9 Toddler chore chart dice game(perfect for toddlers and older kids!)

10 Chore chart template for multiple kids:color booklet to trace and write

11 iSpy chore pictures:2 sheets, 2 levels

12 Chore chart for multiple kids:word search sheet

This bundle includes 22 pages, but it’s actually more because some of them are to be printed twice (like the 3-part cards, the memory game and more).

Keep the digital file so you can use it over the years, as you need to.

Get this awesome bundle here!

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